cit crawford college of art & design

Logo of TNCE partner Crawford College of Art & Design

CIT Crawford College of Art & Design (CCAD) has been a constituent college of Cork Institute of Technology since 1992, but its own history extends to over 200 years of provision of education in the arts. The Crawford is an enabler of ideas-driven, practice-based creative education, which embraces new technologies and which is student-led as well as student-centred.

There are some 800 full-time students and 200 part-time students currently studying at the Crawford, across a range of disciplines including Fine Art, Applied Art, Multimedia, Visual Communications, Art Therapy, Art & Design Education.


Role of CIT CCAD in the TNCE Project

CCAD will contribute towards the professional practice element of the TNCE programed activities as part of  INNOVATION WEEK, high profile Workshops and Guest lectures by established workers in the creative and industries will be organized, enabling access to professional expertise of an international nature.

CCAD operates the Wandesford Quay Gallery ( which is an ideal academic-led environment for hosting the traveling exhibition of work, and TNCE is aligned with the philosophy of the gallery. Roles will include curating, planning, promoting, hanging the exhibition of work arising from the TNCE residency, along with delivering a series of talks during the exhibition. Monitoring, invigilating and promoting the exhibition and audience interaction. CCAD will also organize workshops around the theme of youth and community engagement.